Good thinking, so far as I


Good thinking, so far as I can see, based on the direction you’re taking. Plus, upside is you can offer use of your production studio to others on a lease or rental basis and offset some of the costs.

Sounds like you plan to preset everything, then sit in front of the cameras and get your angles, then “fix it in post” and that’s OK, but you will have a LOT of editing to do with all that footage, I suspect.

In times past two friends and I put together a similar studio in one our garages using 3 Canon XL1 units and another guy’s Panasonic Thundercam (can’t remember the model number of that heavy, huge, 3-chip S-Video monster). One guy had an audio mixer and we had a pair of Panasonic MX12 mixers, using SVHS feed to high end Panasonic recording decks and an old Casablanca classic, recording direct to hard drive. So, we had tape backup and the hard drive … no tapes in the units.

What we DID have, however, were the three of us, usually one on one of the cameras and the others stationary; one on the audio mixer (if one of us wasn’t in front of the lenses, and one on the mixers and monitors. That was really helpful, and as word got out about our operation in this quaint little beach-side town we were operating in, we had all the volunteers and wannabes we could ask for to gofer and assist, monitor cameras, ride audio, etc. It was fun but often frustrating.

I can tell you from THAT experience, however, that a one-man show is going to really be tough. Of course once you get your levels and POVs the way you want, your teleprompter (monitor) setup, so long as you work on avoiding those occasional glances at the monitor to “make sure” you could be good to go. I just keep seeing those times when something weird happened with a unit, the audio, or whatever and I lost time having to redo … and THAT was with help.

Would be to your benefit to come up with a mixer and at least one assistant and/or trainee or volunteer or whomever, to help throw some of those cuts live so you’d have less editing to do in post, IMHO.

That and some wired units or additional wireless units, or even some standalone digital recorders to back up your primary audio … never know for sure WHEN your single wireless might act up on you and you’ll NEVER be pleased with the on-camera mic systems for this kind of production work.

All-in-all, you make me VERY jealous! 😉

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