Good responses Rob. Intere


Good responses Rob. Interesting that a fight, er, uh discussion point(s) has been issued but no reply as of yet. Maybe it’s been too soon.

As a career journalist it has been my experience (and opinion) that reporting facts is just that, limited to the knowledge and research capabilities and resources of the individual making the report. Statement of opinion, however, is an editorial and not to be confused with the former.

True, as the original post points out, it would be nice if somebody who has had direct hands on experience (not opinions derived from reading of manufacturer BS releases, paid reviews sponsored by the same, or parroting what has been heard over the various forum grapevines) would pipe in once in awhile and provide a “tell” on their “findings” as they apply to the expectations, needs and application of the writer/video producer.

Even that, however, isn’t going to answer all of somebody elses questions regarding the same. Some questions simply HAVE to be answered via personal examination, hands on experience and individual research based on specific needs of the person seeking information.

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