Good question, whether or not


Good question, whether or not get two the same or get one better than the other. In one of my studio sdt ups I use two mid priced consumer Sony Camcorders and one prosumer Canon. I like that I can run my two wireless lavs to the Canon which is the center shot of an interview show. Despite the Sonys being the same, the colors aren't! But they're close enough. There will always be some finangling mixing cameras but if you get a good white balance its easy in PPRO, using Fast Color Corrector, to match things close enough.

My Canon is a larger camera that has everything on board so it makes moving around trade shows and classrooms easy. The audio flexibility is important when you move. Typically the built in mike isn't that good so having other mics options becomes important.

If you need a shoulder mount cam or the flexibilty to move around, the JVC looks good. 

I found it quite handy that my dslrs use the same batteries. Two of my cams use the same size filters, thats handy too. 

I've used Panasonic 3ccd cameras and liked them, good products. I use mostly Canon equipment now so I can swap batteries, lenses, filters, reduces hunting time during setup!


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