good points….the truth i


good points….the truth is, the whole time I was checking out the large scale set, I kept asking myself, “is all this really necessary?”

Surely one could produce something comparable using just half of all this equipment….but I guess since it’s HBO, why not go BIG….plus it’s nice to have people with deep pocketsto keep hoards of people employeed.

I’ll admit…I get rather excided and wide-eyed at the scale of these productions and I suppose I would like to be a part of one at least once….but there is definately something to say about smaller companies that take on national TV contracts working with a nice tight 15-20 man crew (family)…not to mention a little more cash for the little guys. I don’t think we hadone newbie P.A/intern that made less than 150 per day….250 on the weekends…..but as you said, we all had to bust ass that much more to produce the quality and earn that cash…..many hats indeed!

Thanksfor the link to your site…I’m checking it out now.



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