Good luck with your strate


Good luck with your strategy. I’m not so much trying to hype HD as I am trying to point out that is, like it or not, where the industry is going (video-wise) and soon enough that investing the kind of money an XL2 with all those nice, expensive interchangeable lenses will be a bad investment.

You use the term “independent” leading me to interpret that as you want to plan, script, locate, hire professional or use amateur actors, hire sound, lighting grips, edit (on something – sure hope it is a system that will offer you some degree of professional editing capabilities), color correct, then seek/find a distributor – someone who will get your indy further processed, converted to film or a forum the digital houses will accept – and maybe even get it shown at one of the Sundance type affairs somewhere.

What you are looking at, like it or not, are some of the many elements that the current outlay of HD format prodution cameras will make more readily available to you beyond SD. I am sure you are aware that there are a LOT of things that are going to have to be purchased, borrowed or otherwise obtained if you intend to do anythine more than simply have a fun shoot, play around with putting your “independent” together, then pull it out occasionally for a pizza and beer party.

Yeah, a hard working carpenter can still build a house with a handsaw and a hammer, but who would want to.

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