good idea – this thread wo


good idea – this thread would’ve helped me out a few months ago

camera: Canon Vixia HF S10 (same as Vixia HF S100 except S10 has a built-in harddrive… sometimes it is cheaper to get the HF S100 +32 memory card … if buying at reg. retail price)

about me: amateur w/ little experience trying to build a portfolio for future job opportunities. extremely low budget

purpose of camera: to work on small-market commercials and social media videos – as well as home videos

editting software: FCP on 2.4 GHz iMac with Intel Core Duo.

why this camera: great lens – wonderful pictures- couldn’t afford professional camera and wasn’t sure how much use i would get out of a more professional camera- the hfs10 is small – I can still use it for home videos hassle-free. you can watch reviews and see picture quality on youtube. FCP handles the footage well, my computer handles it ok – but probably wouldn’t work well on any less of a computer. I sometimes wish for a better computer.

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