Good evening Gentlemen, thank


Good evening Gentlemen, thank you for taking the time to share your advice, which I appreciate. I will indeed access the information that Mr. Woody recommends, and in reply to Mr. Mike, I am using Sony Vegas 11 software. My environment in which I attempted the Green Screen filming was in my garage, with brightly lit Green Background and gently lit "Talent". My most noticable shortcoming was that my "Talent" had a shirt with high collar, and a "speckling" effect was shown in the small triangular region where the collar was folding down towards the shoulder, and some instances where his black hair also "sparkeld" somewhat – a most curious, but not unattractive effect- albeit not what was wanted!I am hoping to make another attempt this week-end when Garry who is my in front of camera "talent" will be coming to stay, and am hoping before then to be better guided as to which aspect I am mostly in need of improving.  Thank you again for your valuable help. Yours faithfully, Ron. Cambridge, England.

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