Good afternoon everyone!I’m


Good afternoon everyone!
I'm new here and I joined 'cause I would like you to guide me and give some advices about what camcorder I should buy.
I'm not a professional but I'm looking for something for this level. I have a JVC Everio GZ-HM30BU I bought in 2012 and I would like to move on. I would like to be able to manualy handle focus and iris, amoung other settings.

So, I started to read and watch some videos on internet and I have 3 models in mind.

a) Panasonic AG-AC90
b) Sony HXR-NX5R
c) Sony PXW X70

It would be so helpful if you could give me your impressions or share you experiences about these models or tell me whether I should consider other brands and models.

Thanks in advance!

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