Good advice. If you’re it


Good advice.

If you’re itching to burn HD content from the HDV footage you’ve shot there are some interesting and inexpensive solutions. 2 that are currently available is through Pinnacle Studio 10 plus or Ulead Video Studio 10 plus. I’ve been using Pinnacle Studio with great sucess. You have to download the latest patch (10.7) but once you do you will have the ability to burn HD-DVD’s onto a standard DVD disc. You can fit roughly 20 – 30 minutes on a single layer or 40-60 minutes on a dual layer. You would need one of the Toshiba HD-DVD players to view it but once you do it looks sweet. Currently it will not play on the Xbox 360 HD DVD player. Can’t talk about the Ulead solution as I have not experimented with that option.

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