Good advice from John


     Good advice from John (except that first part.  Not really sure what he said there.  😉 )  Mobile phones make it easy to create and share memories.  If you ever decide to upgrade to a camera that is not also a phone, keep in mind your image stabilization, as John said.  Lots of cameras have good optical image stabilization (OIS), meaning that there is an apparatus inside the camera to which the lens is fixed that moves the lens around as the camera is moved around to compensate for your camera movements.  It's also a good idea to get some sort of stabilizing rig, like a tripod.  If you would rather go handheld, do something to get your hands away from the camera, like mount it on a steadicam.  That will help your shot movement be smoother.  Likewise, you can also get such rigs for your smartphone.  It would be something worth looking into.

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