gonz — Canon DSLRs such a


gonz — Canon DSLRs such as the 60D can produce great “film like” images. But they have their limitations. The 12 minute/4GB file limitation is real — and you do have to hit the record button every time you exceed it, because the camera will stop recording. And moire is a real issue too. Here is what happens when you try to shoot a shingled roof (or a brick wall) with a 60D:


And here is what happens when you try to shoot patterned fabrics (like wedding dresses):


Moire, shot duration limits and lack of autofocus in video mode are the reasons why I traded my$750 Canon T2i(same sensor as the $1000 60D) for a$1000 Panasonic GH2.

But, no matter which high-def DSLR-type interchangeable lens camera you get, there are a couple of other things that you’ll miss from your old standard-def GL2:

– no headphone jack for audio monitoring

– no VU meters for audio

– no power zoom

Lots of wedding videographers “shoot around” these issues, but it’s better to know about them before you buy a large sensor, DSLR form-factor camera, in my view.

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