Going with HD might be mor


Going with HD might be more than you want to deal with right now (as a first-time videomaker). It will require more from your computer… besides, not everyone has HDTV, and only a very few have HD players right now. In the long run, you could save a lot of money by learning video production in standard definition, then moving to HD when you have a better idea what you want (and HD prices are lower).

But first I should ask: Are you talking CONSUMER camcorders, or PROSUMER camcorders?

BTW, when you say "specially for making movies", I assume you mean ambitious projects, like dramatic movies, as opposed to vacation movies and birthday parties. If you do want to make dramatic movies, the camcorder MUST have a mic input (the built-in mics just don’t cut it for serious work). And things like zebra-stripe exposure indication and manually-adjustable mic levels are very desirable.

BUT FIRST …… you have to wiggle your big toe …. err, I mean decide if you really need to start with HD. πŸ˜‰

Ken Hull

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