going through this process


going through this process of filmmaking myself.
I am lucky becuase I’m starting with a micro budget project that my friends are currently financing.
My friends know the risks and are cool with not getting a return on their money if things don’t pan out.
I am gaining experience, on my own dime, so to speak… so no harm no foul if things don’t pan out.

there is a wonderful community of film makers in my area that have volunteered to help out where needed and they treat even a small volunteer art project as seriously as paying work.

so far the project is coming along very well.
speaking of one man show… I wrote it, and directing it, producing it and acting in it.. I am building most of my own props as well as doing sound lighting and camera work… still photography and editing.

my entire project is aiming to stay under $3000.00

for those of you that want to check it out, here is the project:


also a cute video (temporary posting to youtube due to the background music) my friend made of me trying on the costume for the movie… in the video, I actually wanted to see how well the muscle suit under the monster suit was moving with the fur to hopefully avoid looking like a man in a costume, so this is very early prototype stage.. and at over seven feet tall, there is a learning process to walking in this as well.. so yeah, I’ll also be doing my own stuntwork.

by the way, the costume is being made for under $350.00…

ah heck, I’ll take it down later..lol!

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