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The company I work for has been recording high school football games to miniDV tape or to internal hard drive, depending on the camcorder. Ifan internet connection is available at the location, we connect the camcorder to a laptop computer by firewire, then use proprietary software to send that video signal (along with audio from the play-by-play announcer) over the internet to our webmaster who puts that game on the internet live. If the camcorder doesn’t have a firewire connection, but does have an AV out, we can connect the AV out to a firewire converter (such as Canopus), and then to the computer.

So you need to find a camcorder that has a firewire or AV output connector. And make sure it can record and output at the same time. (All camcorders I’ve tried can do that.)

The only problem we’ve encountered is that some camcorders stop outputing asignala few seconds after you stop recording to tape (or hard drive). Also, if the camcorder has a demo mode, be sure to turn that off, or you camcorder will start “advertising” itself after several seconds of inactivity!


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