@gldnears… just to be cl


@gldnears… just to be clear.. are you certian the bulb exploded or did the safety glass explode and take the bulb with it?

for example the same safety glass used in fireplaces explode… no bulb required:
in fact tempered glass shower doors have also exploded with no excess heat required..
it is a result of the manufacturing process that store a lot of energy in tension inside the glass… what makes the glass tough and proned to shattering in chunks as opposed to shards can make it spontaneously explode….

I once had a halogen tochire floor lamp pop and spray glass… the heat sheild glass exploded the bulb was intact and still working… I removed all the heat shields after that… they are there to prevent fires if something lands on the bulb… not protect people from exploding bulbs…

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