Glad I could help.  The next


Glad I could help.  The next step up large sensor camcorder from the £3000 APS-C sensor EA50 would be the £4743 Super 35 sensor Sony FS100 – but this camera requires more effort to make it work as a documentary or "run and gun" camcorder. It has no power zoom and no shoulder mount.  It also lacks the EA50's still photo capability.


Here is what it can do in an interview setting:


In a documentary setting:


Both cameras produce great images, but, because of its superior ergonomics, the EA50 is a much more useful interview and documentary camera, in my view.


And yes, with a £382 Metabones EF to NEX smart adapter, you will have full control of aperture, autofocus and image stabilization with your Canon lenses and either the EA50 or the FS100.


To answer your sensor size question, the EA50's APS-C sensor is 23.4mm x 15.6mm and the FS100's Super 35 sensor is about the same size at 23.6mm x 13.3mm (please see this side-by-side spec chart from Slashcam).


Again, hope this is helpful and good luck with your decision!



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