GL2s still retail for arou


GL2s still retail for around $1,700 or more, unless you get lucky and find someone trying to off-load one. I’ve actually seen them priced in their original $2,700 zone even though that would NOT be a reasonable price to pay for one, considering the selections “out there.”

You will not find a camera in the $400 range that comes close to comparison to what a GL2 offers.

IMHO, the best alternative, and one that gets you into HD production as well, would be Canon ‘s HV30, but somewhere in the $800 range, so double your desired range but easily 6x the camera of anything you’ll find with your present budget.

Yeah, there are some cameras out there for $400, but they will likely fall short in the lens, focus, format, resolution, stability, audio categories – especially if you compare them to your experience with the GL2.

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