GL2 is old. It is SD and w


GL2 is old. It is SD and what is worse, it does not have native widescreen imager. When it shoots widescreen it does not letterbox image on LCD/viewfinder. For the money it is sold new (~$2K) it looks and feel cheap. Good 4:3 picture though. But 4:3 is out — it had to be out a decade ago — so what’s the point?

Instead of spending 2K on an aged technology I would spend 1K on the HV20. Smaller lens, worse ergonomics, but everything else is better. Who cares if it is a consumer camera? Both cameras look cheap, so if you ok with the GL2 looks, the HV20 should not feel worse. And contrary to what some people say, it does have manual aperture selection, though somewhat indirect one.

Michael, Canon Elura User Pages

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