gkhan: I think you have to


gkhan: I think you have to look at video for real estate for what it is: a form of advertising. Realtors have an advertising budget. If you were to shoot the video and get paid when the home sells (I assume that is what you mean), then you are taking the risk that 1) The realtor is going to spend the money to market the property so its attracts buyers 2) The realtor is going to price the property to sell and 3) The homeowner will take a reasonable offer.

Personally I think the better approach is to develop a product that can be produced quickly and efficiently and priced accordingly. I just shot a 2/2 beach condo yesterday. I did the glidecam walk thru, pan shots and exterior in under 30 minutes. Another 30 minutes to edit and encode. I have shot 7 properties and each time I learn something new. The “real” videographers on here will probably look at my work as low quality. It is. But the client loves it, his customer are impressed by it and that is all that matters. I just have to pray a videographer doesn’t call one of my clients to list their home…lol!

Sunkleep: I agree about keeping the video short. The fact is (based on studies by National Association of Realtors) most viewers will only look at video/virtual tour for a minute or two, very seldom so they sit thru the whole “show”. Most home searchers want LOTS of photos that they can click-click-click thru in rapid succession. A typical viewer can look at 24 photos in a little over a minute which shows almost every nook and cranny of the home. I’ve discussed this with the realtors I am working with. My approach will be to feature the highlights of the property, those things that will keep the viewers attention and keep the video as short as possible without it looking like a rush-job. The use of video should be used to COMPLIMENT good photos, not the other way around.

Video should be viewed more as a tool for the realtor to get and keep listings as opposed to a tool used to sell a home. A realtor can say “We all advertise in the magazines, newspaper, on the web, etc. We all do photographs, most of us have virtual tour slideshow, but what sets me apart is that I also include a full motion, high defintion video featuring the highlights of your property”. At that point the realtor can pop his home tour demo dvd in his laptop and knock the socks off his potential client and secure the listing (or so that is the plan…lol)

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