Given the circumstances yo


Given the circumstances you describe for your recording, includingyour now access to a known type wireless lapel mic transmitter and receiver. I would opt tomic up the presenter with the radio mic (be sure to use new long lasting batteries in bothboth units) and wire the receiver straight to the camera (from link diagramit appears as if yourwireless receiver has an existing lead with 3.5mm on each end will plug straight into camera.

Additionally the wireless receiver featuredin your link,has an ear socket that will allow you to monitor boththe audio quality and level, with headphones throughout the recording.

The only other trick is to ensure the mic does not rub on the presenters clothing (resulting in rasping sounds) as they move around during the presentation easy fix is to use tie clip and duct tape to isolate from cloting contact.

Further if you have access toa 2nd camera it makes for good insurance

-use it as a sound back up from speakers (be carefull with 2nd camera placement to avoid audio input overload), including ambient room/audience noiseand

– at the same time use it for any B Roll shots, (audience, wide shots, company logosetc)you mayrequire in post. B Roll shotscan cover a multitude of mistakes.

Ifthe presenters use aMicrosoft Power Point presentation, ensure you get acopy for inclusion in your edit.I think you have done enough homework to ensure it will all go well on the day.Good luck.

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