Getting Vegas 6 for only $


Getting Vegas 6 for only $79 sounds like a good deal. I started out with Vegas 5, and later upgraded to Vegas 7. (I think I got it because the upgrade came with DVD Architect…. it was a bargain I couldn’t refuse.)

So, I skipped version 6, but judging from versions 5 and 7, I’d say you can’t go wrong with Vegas 6. Lots of versatility. Lots of special video and audio effects. And if you get into hi-def, you’ll probably be able to upgrade to Vegas 8, which has some added features for hi-def. The only drawback I see is that the $79 deal does not seem to come with DVD Architect, but you’ll probably be able to upgrade to a version that includes DVD Architect. If not, you could always get DVD-Lab from .

Ken Hull

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