Getting good sound is hard


Getting good sound is harder than most people think. While simply plugging in a shotgun/boom to the XLR will work, it isn’t best. Most run-n-gun type sound is recorded with just an on-camera mic with “acceptable” results.

Your situation is a bit different. Having a dedicated sound tech running a mixer is ideal for any situation where you can control the action. I would avoid wireless mics as you just add the possibility of interference or drop-outs. Lapel mics can pick up too much ambient noise and you run the risk of something rubbing the mic and causing noise.

My recommendation is to have one person operate a shotgun on a boom, and another person monitoring the levels with a mixer. This audio can be recorded live back to the camera through the mic jack so you avoid any sync problems.

As far as finding a person to do the job, have you checked with local bands or DJ’s? While they may not have experience with video production, they will have some skill in monitoring and adjusting sound levels.

It sounds like you’ve have a lot of time and effort in the production so far. Don’t neglect the audio.

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