Get More Money?


Man, you are really making it tough with such a low budget. Is there any chance you can get at least $5000? Even prosumer gear will put you over $2000…


With such a low budget, have you considered a used SD camera? The DVX100B is a fine camera and finding a used one will give you more money to spend on other necessities.


When considering a tripod for video, you need one with a fluid head. I got this one in college and it has served me well:


When it comes to mics, I avoid wireless. They're a last option, in my opinion, because they're more of a hassle. If someone is speaking in front of the camera and they're not moving around much, a wired lavalier mic will do the job. I use the Sony ECM-44B and have never been disappointed. If you're subject is moving around, then consider a boom with a shotgun mic. This is a pretty good kit:


Don't forget lights. You need lights. If you have 3 500-watt lights, you'll be in relatively good shape. I purchased a kit from Lowel, but it cost a bit over $1000. This is another reason why I feel you should increase your budget. You need lights.


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