Get as many cameras as you


Get as many cameras as you can. Borrow ’em, rent ’em, or buy ’em, just get ’em. You can never get enough cameras, especially at a live event, where you only get one shot to get everything.

And as important as cameras are, don’t forget the microphones! Poor sound quality can and will destroy even the most incredible video, and even the worst video from the cheapest cameras can be sanctified by incredible audio quality (for proof of that, look at the hit movie "Blair Witch Project" – Shot entirely on Hi-8 cameras, but with superb audio quality). If the event has it’s own sound, you could probably rent a decent wireless mic and clip it to one of their house speakers. Jst don’t clip it directly in front of the cone, or your audio levels will probably be distorted and/or clipped.

One last thing, and this really goes for any video. Unless you have good artistic reason not to, try to obey the rule of thirds. That is, imagine dividing your screen into three sections horizontally, and 3 sections vertically, giving you a sort of tic tac toe ( # ) across your viewfinder. Try to keep your subject matter on one of these lines, that way they’re not way out of frame, and they’re also not directly centered, which looks sort of boring. Of course, there are many times when the rule of thirds doesn’t apply, but as a rule of thumb for the absolute beginner, it will compensate for a lot, and give your video a more professional touch.

How’s that for starters?

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