Get 5-7 cameras…good but


Get 5-7 cameras…good but consumer quality ok
3 on track, 1 in pit/setup area, 2 on crowd, 1 for volunteer/student announcer.
wire all cameras back *yes, alot of wire…but the track might have some pre-run cables) to a control room with 9 monitors (each camera plus program), an audio mixer (for all the signals) and a video switcher. add an 8th channel with a graphics feed (lower 3rd) that shows what car, etc. and has some sponsor logos (sell sponsorships!) Record this to Digital Tape (not DVD) and hard drive of your edit system. You’ll then have a nice, mixed, "finished" product ready to sell

If you’re in PA/NY/NJ…Ihave this gear and can go into it with you

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