Gerik, if you can somehow


Gerik, if you can somehow get ahold of a November 2008 issue of MacWorld, beginning on page 34 is a pretty decent general review of several models of “tapeless” HD units, as well as a sidebar focusing on the one I personally recommend – Canon HV30.

I am a Macintosh/Final Cut Pro person, so I am not familiar with the Sony Vegas format/platform/system combination and cannot intelligently address any issues that might exist there. However, I do know that in conversing with local fellow video producers, and in discussions and posts on such forums as and, that the general concern among professionals (self-professed and otherwise) is that AVCHD does come with its own set of headaches and problems, AND foremost in these discussions/debates/arguments is that it is a more higly compressed variety of the HD family, thus does not generate as high a quality of acquisition material as going HD.

On that basis, and from my ongoing research for cameras that will move me into the HD environment, I have devoured all I can find regarding entry level HD cams and the benefits and/or tradeoffs. The winning camera remains the HV30 and I am targeting two of them along with the necessary accessories to make them functionable for me in my wedding and event business.

At present I use two Canon XL1 (I purchased them thinking, like many others, that I’d want or need to take advantage of interchangeable lenses – but have not had the need, nor desire to spend the huge extra money on lenses that would do anything for me beyond what I get from the original and main lens). I also have a fixed lens Canon GL2. These have served me well for many years in the SD. Environment.

Sure, I’d LOVE to have the resources to consider and purchase (probably) something Canon’s top 3 line of 3-chip HD cams, or mostly what has caught my eye has been the Panasonic (I think) the model number is HV200X – anyway, the P2Card camera that started the solid state recording surge for that company.

Regarding the reviews on tapless high def in MacWorld, you might find something on I don’t know for sure, but maybe. Keep in mind that MiniDV tape remains universal and available in plentiful supply. There are some limitations in solid state recording that may haunt you while acqusition and stability in the MiniDV digital tape is generally well accepted. It will eventually lose sway to solid state/tapless formats, but do research the tradeoffs, what USERS have to say, as well as what the big boys in these various camera houses say (keep in mind there’s a LOT of hype in manufacturer info pieces regarding their, and their competitors, models).

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