gerard’s advice is great (


gerard’s advice is great (as is the other advice), and if your camera allows you that much control, it’s what I would reccomend.

I don’t know, but I get the feeling you might be using a Consumer grade camera, and you’re not thinking about upgrading. I would say that you should make sure you have a nice camera, especially for promotional material, but if you are going to use consumer grade stuff, the only way to compensate will be to add lots and lots of fill lighting. Consumer cameras are genarally mostly automatic, designed for the less-experienced, and typically aren’t very good in low-lighting, which means your i-beams and strobe lights are going to throw off focus and cause you worlds of grief unless your fill light almost overpowers them. With lots of lighting, you’ll overcome your camera’s automatic adjust problems, though it will at least partially cost you the "mood" of your scene.

Specificaly, what model camera do you currently have, and are you even considering upgrading? The 2100 is almost certainly the camera you want if you can afford the upgrade.

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