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As was suggested and particularly with laptop editing, you need a secondary drive to store all your video and work your effects on to free up resources on your main drive. It strikes me terribly odd that your maxing out an i7 Quad Core with it’s 8 virtual cores. With 8GB of RAM you should be cruising even with HD. So my next question is; have you checked to see if your graphics card is compatible with Avid Studio? If it isn’t, that would explain your CPU taking on the extra calculation load if your GPU is not up to the job. You also may want to tap Dell’s tech support with this issue for there maybe an issue they’re aware of an have a patch for.

Another thing to look into is, what background processes are running while you’re editing? Typically, you’ve got AV and Firewall software running in the background. There are probably non-essential background processes running that cut into resources. Now though you have more cores and RAM available, all that stuff still cuts in particularly when running HD (specifically AVCHD) which is a data hog.

Also, check your cache and RAM preferences in Avid Studio. They may be set too high and you’ll want to dial them down.

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