gavinholt Wrote:I was also


gavinholt Wrote:

I was also in college and did videography in clubs. Now I’m starting my own business and I did the first two weddings for free, which was invaluable to learn the ropes. Now I charge $1500 to start, and as I learn more I add more options or bump the price up. Realize that the lower the price, the more people you can attract in the beginning. Later you can narrow down when you are booked.

I use an XL1s and it’s awesome for low-light shooting, while using a GL2 as a B camera. I think the camera matters for getting the base footage (low light for example), but one thing that matters is how good are you at videography? A good videographer could make a great video with a camera phone. That really should determine your price, though many people might not see that until after the video is done. I’ve seen it plenty times where a videographer wastes a $5000 camera rig with bad videography.

You can see my pricing at

Hey gavin! Congrats on going full time! You’ve obviously put alot of time into this. Isn’t this the life?! Anyway, just wanted to compliment you on your site and everything. Did you design the site too or have it done?

Good luck! You will do well in this business!

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