Gary, I had to laugh when



I had to laugh when I saw your post – I just completed the same exact type of project you’re looking at – a (no-budget)local drag race with multiple cameras and myself as the only operator! Here are a few of my opinions along with how I pulled it off.

I don’t like the idea of the wireless A/V feed. Working by yourself, it opens up a lot of potential problems – if one of your feeds goes bad (interference, etc, which most systems are prone to) then you may very well lose that cam angle completely and never know it until you go to edit. Unless, of course you have some way to monitor each feed while you run your camera position. Anyway, it sounds a little over-complicated and prone to problems.

I chose to use three solid-state cameras recording to SDHC cards. The cameras are cheap (Canon FS100s – $300.00 or less), but do a good job. Paired with a 16GB SDHC card, they can record 5 hrs. An earlier post mentioned quality loss recording MPEG2 and having to recompress – in my experience, I’ve never had any complaints about imagequality.

To sync cams, I simply started recording with all of them pointed at me – clapped my hands real loud and then proceeded to reposition each cam to its correct shooting position – this is A MUST! As long as each cam never stops, you only have to sync them once in your timeline and you’re good to edit through the entire event without ever having to re-sync.

My event had one intermission that gave me time to change batteries and SDHC cards – don’t know if you’ll have an intermission or not.

Anyway, that was my experience and it worked out quitewell.

Good luck!

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