Gabriel-well, the images w


Gabriel-well, the images were recorded off of a television, and are from the playstation 3 game “Little Big Planet”…
birdcat-basically me and some friends would say some crazy stuff while we played it, so i started recording it without them knowing(once they found out they played up for the camera and was not as funny) what i ended up doing was try and make a sort of “highlight reel” out of the video i had. the images are blurry since i had to zoom in to remove the frame of the television, keep the “action” as close to the center as possible, etc…really the only point was to be funny i guess, but it it did remind me how much i like editing…
mediafish- about what i expect most people to say, thanks for your honesty, you should note around chirstmas/ new year time frame you will see a much better product from me &^^&

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