FYI – the primary cameras


FYI – the primary cameras I have been focusing on are in the low- to mid-range price, say $600 to $4K…

They are the Canon HV30, a GREAT low-end item ($600 or so) getting many, many kudos on the various boards by users applying them as backup, playback and third POV cams at gigs – records on MiniDV tape; the other two make a major jump, are AVCCAMs using AVCHD format and recording to SDHC cards – no moving parts for tape drive, making for a lighter and less maintenance tool. They are the Panasonic AG-HMC150 and JVC’s GY-HM100; both 3CCD camcorders as opposed to the HV30’s single chip.

Logic says that by the time you spend the money to add better audio, microphone, brackets and accessories necessary to help put the HV30 to semi-pro use, you’d be close to investing a significant amount of money that could go toward the other two, IMHO, more preferred camcorders.

There are a host of other options, but all-in-all I believe these three represent some serious acquisition capabilities. Between the Panasonic and JVC, the latter offers TWO SDHC card slots as opposed to P’s single slot, and JVC also (important to QuickTime capable editing users) provides native QT allowing for direct assimilation and editing of the video instead of having to convert in FCP, iMovie, etc. – essentially a true “drag-and-drop” approach further reducing digitizing/transfer wait time before you can start putting your project together.

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