Further things to check ou


Further things to check out…

Are you sure the fire-wire hardware is functional? (assuming Windows OS) Right click “My Computer” and select “Manage”. In the drop-down select “Device Manager”. If you do not see “IEEE 1394 Bus host devices” (another name for fire-wire) that may be your problem. Either you do not have the hardware installed or your PC is not see it or recognizing it. If it is there does it have a yellow triangle with an ! in it? Then you have a hardware/driver issue you need to resolve before the device will work properly. Douple clicking it should give you some information on what the issue is. If it is present and things look okay…

…have you reviewed the users manual for your editing software. Most give pretty good basic instructions on the hook-up, settings, and process to import or download your video. Most have a short troubleshooting guide that helps with common basic issues as well.

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