Fully rigged out the HV30


Fully rigged out the HV30 could IMHO most definitely produce quality footage for low-budget web commercials. The HF S100 will give you more, and perhaps need to be less tricked out to do the job, however.

I once was considering getting in on the ground floor of high definition with the HV30, Rhode mic, MicroLight, brace system and Beachtek audio control (about $1,500 total cost) but have since revised my budget and approach to purchase two of the Panasonic HMC 150 SDHC recordable camcorders last quarte of 2009. But I still believe the HV30 (and newer HV40) are a LOT of bang for the bucks and are capable of generating excellent footage for commercial video work, provided you have the editing resources to put you productions together and set them up for web application.

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