From what you are already


From what you are already doing it appears that you already have a great deal of equipment in place to get professional work done. You really need to find out from the CEO what he wants to be able to do and then you can determine how to proceed from there. When money is no option it makes it a lot easier.

You made a list of several items that you need assistance with but many of those questions you probably could answer but I’ll help you a little here:

– i need professional training. Where would you recommend i go? What are some of the best books on the subject!

(Check out the website for professional video training. They have a lot of training available for Mac users and PC users.)

– i need multiple cameras (how about HD?)

(Find out the type of quality your CEO wants and base your purchase on that decision)

– i assume i’ll need the equipment to mix audio/video on the spot.. What should i get?

(This will depend on your proficiency as a TD/Director. Do you need to be trained on Directing a live or tape production.)

– Lighting? or will hotel lights be sufficient?

(You will need to invest in some type of lighting because you want to be able to predict your environment a little. It might not be necessary but if you need them you will want to have them available.)

– Audio equipment, wireless or hardwired?

(This really depends on you and how you want your production to unfold. wireless or hardwired mics will work but each bring there on set of issues and both and equally good under different situations)

You did not list having a engineer but if you will be working with more high end professional video equipment you will need one available maybe not full time but maybe on a contract basis when you need them. Really having an video engineer will save you money and headaches down the road. I can recommend some if you need a good one.

Hopefully this information helps. If you need additional assistance send me an e-mail off-line I’d love to help with your project. I have 10 years of professional video experience.

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