From what I’ve read, every


From what I’ve read, everyone seems to say that H.264 provides the best effeciency in compression while retaining a quality that is nearly identicalto the MPEG-2 (standard DVD) codec. If you’re selling online, I’d go with what everyone said about using the H.264 advanced video codec. DV-AVI retains the most quality, but the final output for any video production (e.g. TV, Web, DVD, Blue-ray,Theatre) use a compression codec that retains merely a fraction of DV-AVI’s bitrate. All mentioned above, with maybe the exception of theatre, utilize some sort of codec with the standard MPEG-2 bitrate or something else below.

If the stock footage market is raving over H.264 and other AVC formats, than I’d export H.264 for effeciency and compatibility purposes.

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