From what I’ve been told,


From what I’ve been told, HD isn’t BAD; it’s just buggy like all new technology.

Also I think a common misconception is the workflow. I haven’t used any HD cameras yet, but my teachers at school have said with the Panasonic cameras and P2 cards, depending on what your computer set up is like, you don’t know what your footage truly looks like until you drop it onto your timeline and then render it. If you’ve got a slow computer, this process will probably take longer than current DV workflow. Who wants to render possibly hours of footage just to see if it came out OK? So the point my one teacher was trying to make is that the process isn’t really “fun” yet, but the end result can be outstanding if you record in the right format and handle post production properly. So I guess you have to ask yourself if going through a crappy post production process is worth it. For me, no. For The Discovery Channel, yes. I’m sure they have badass post production suites that render in real time.

Not needing an XLR adapter is very convenient, more than you may think. I had a GL2 and used an adapter on a shoot and it was socumbersome. It’s the reason why I got a PD170. Depending on what kind of work you do and where you think you will be in the future, Irecommendlooking for a used PD170. New ones are about 3 grand, but I got mine used for 1800. Just be sure to meet in person and thoroughly inspect the camera before handing over any money.

It’s a weird time period right now, and I don’t think it’s worth buying a new SD camera right now if you can make good use of a good condition used camera. Technology progresses fast, and transitioning to HD might not be a bad idea in a year or two from now. So save some money now. Spend more money on good audio and lighting equipment instead of getting the “latest and greatest” HD camera. What good is the latest and greatest if your lighting and audio sucks anyway, right?

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