From what I understand, wh


From what I understand, when you buy anacademic license, it’s only good while you are still a student even though it’s the same software as the “pro” version. Is it different with FCS?

This brings up another question- while I’m still a student, if I use a student license of a program, am I technically able to sell my work, or is it only for school work pertaining to my classes?

As faras notrecomending Avid,that’s formeto decide.Right now I’m tryingto geta listofwhich versions willallowmetosell myworksoIcaninvestigatewhich editorI like best, which hasthefeaturesIneed,and the price I’m willingto pay.

Also, Iwouldpersonallythinktheindustrywill tell their editors tolearn/use whateverthey alreadyhave?Idon’tsee major studios buying a new, differentsoftwarepackage every time students graduate with a different preference. In any case, I’m not terribly interested in the industry as my focus is more on my own indy creations with the ability to do what I want, not what I’m told. If I ever do make it big, I expect I’ll have editors that will be able to do a better job than I can with post. Even though I enjoy all aspects of filmmaking, I enjoy pre-production and production the most.

All-in-all I’m just lookingto get clarity on what these software licensesallow/disallow because I don’t wanttohavesomethinggoto a Torontoor Sundanceor be nominated for Best Picture and then be disqualified because I broke software license. πŸ˜› (or more accurately on the level that I’m doing now… I don’t want to shoot a training video for a company and then be sued by Avid or Sony or Adobe, etc).

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