From what I understand, vi


From what I understand, video is unique, because of the nature. Your work is technically copyrighted once it’s produced as a video/show. HOWEVER, before that, it’s worth paying the $45 (or whatever it is now) to copyright your actual script itself at the US copyright office. Once there’s a show on your script, it’s undoubtedly yours. But before that, it could potentially be stolen.

Hanks suggestion to get viewrs to sign off some sort of non-disclosure agreement that they’ve seen it and won’t steal it is a good one. It might not stop someone from passing the idea on to a third party, but if the actual people you show ever tried to run with it, you’d be covered.

If yu don’t want to spend the money on a copyright, you can always try the "poor man’s copyright", and send the script to yourself in a sealed, certified mail envelope. This would probably be good enough for some situations, but BE ADVISED: Anyone with enough money to hire a half-wited lawyer can get this attempt at protection thrown out. It’s not as safe as a real copyright, so keep yourself covered, and do it right.

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