From reading other posts,


From reading other posts, it seems that this problem is common for both the AT-897 and the NTG-2… of course, the exact two mics that I invested in! DOH! I went over to a buddy’s place, who is an audio pro, and we ran the mic first through one of his professional-grade preamps. That did the trick! Both mics sounded great (although the AT-897 was clearly better than the NTG-2). So for my purposes, not wanting a huge 20 lb professional preamp to lug around on shoots, I’m going to try this little guy, the Rode Power Plug:

My friend assured me that even though it says its only for dynamic mics, it should work with my shotguns given they have battery power, and the configuration would be:

mic (w/ battery) <-> Rode Power plug <-> XLR cable <-> H4n (w/ 48v phantom enabled)

If it works, it would be a very cheap solution. I’ll report back when I know. Unless any of you know with 100% certainty that it won’t work…

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