From my experience, much o


From my experience, much of the advice, given above, is very sound. Good quality mpg2 is able to foot-it with many more hyped-up formats. However, setting the variables as high as you can, makes a lot of sense. I have burned my stuff for years on the second-highest ‘quality’ settings and with a maximum bit-rate of 9200, with footage of 720 x 576 (16:9 widescreen format). From my reading-up on such matters, that just squeaks in at the upper-end of DVD compatibility, if the lower bit-rate is allowed to ‘float’. The settings it takes up might seem alarmingly lowat the bottom end-of-the-scale, but that is governed by contingencies and the nature of the footage being processed, the needs of more ‘static’ footage being much less, of course. After-all, most video formats only process the differences between frames (the ‘B’ and ‘P’ frames), while the scene is re-established, each 12 to 15 frames,by means of the ‘I-frames’. So, my advice, (for what it is worth), see what the slowest processing option on-offer is, and give it a try. The assumption being, that the slowest and least convenient way of going about things, is usually the best in-the-end, with video.

For my own part, I produce my finished features in both high-quality ‘avi’ and ‘mpg2’. The mpg2, for home consumption, the ‘avi’ (strictly speaking smart-rendered in the DV-AVI package), as a hedge against ‘contingencies’, for the future. As I think I may have mentioned on another thread recently, I have 96 DVD’s of DV-AVI footage which I am editing my way through, some of my early footage, of historical events shot originally on 16mm film in the 4 x 3 aspect-ratio, have been cropped and re-stretched to ‘widescreen’.

By the way ‘Signmax’, I use Magix ‘Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus’ for all of my work, currently; in preference even, to their own VSP-1.5, which I also have. A great piece of software at the price, which has me constantly wondering ‘how-they-do-it’.

Ian Smith

Dunedin – New Zealand

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