From my experience its not


From my experience its not just about mistakes. You have a ton of people trying to do things in such a short amount of time and you have to many cooks in the kitchen. The editor isn’t the end all on such a production and many of times they either have to work with what they have and other times they have to have things work and work fast. I only have a small taste of that world but even though I love video and editing, I want no part of that scale of production.

The normal audience doesn’t have the same thought process as videoenthusiasts or pros do. If the story gets across, they let those things slide. Production crews know that and it comes down to “Do we spend the money to shoot over or can we let that one pass?”. Money and time are part of your tool box in that world.

It is a luxury to be able to over analyse things and repeat processes. Those big productions are not afforded that as much as people think. To me that’s one of the things that takes the fun out of it.

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