From conversations I’ve ha


From conversations I’ve had with professional video producers, most use Avid, Final Cut or Premiere. But a huge portion of those folks also use Vegas for portions of their projects (or even entire projects).

The best advice I can give would be to download and try each product – most, if not all have a fully functional trial version (30 days) that you can install and test drive to see which you find the most comfortable working in.

Grinner – You bring up a valid point. It would be nice if the software houses could come up with a video standard project format so you could edit in multiple NLE’s (sort of like MIDI did with music – I could start out with Band In A Box, edit with Voyetra Digital Orchestrator and then move over to Cakewalk Sonar using the same .mid file). I don’t expect this anytime soon but t would be nice.

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