freeman Wrote:Alex, I lik


freeman Wrote:


I liked the trailers and enjoy going to the What is broken website to see behind the scenes stills, composites and storyboards. Nice job. Trailer also looks great.

What tool did you use to create your composites?

Thanks for the kind words! All of the fx work was done inside of Apple’s Shake. We only had a limited amount of time to do these fx, so once I finished a composite and gave it to Alex, I had to have to ability to make changes quickly as we were trying to make a January deadline. As for the matte painting shots, I had recently shot some stormy skies down here in Florida during our “record setting” hurricane year with my digital camera, so I combined a couple of those shots and made a sky. I then created the foreground tree using Maya’s paint effects.

For the out-of-focus foreground foilage, maya gave me what I needed in a very short amount of time. Then I comped in the tree and did some color correction to fit the rest of the film and added some hand-painted lightning to finish the shot.

The explosion was a surprise shot for me, I knew i had to create an effect along those lines, but I never saw the plate. There were a few stock footage explosions that were combined with lots of color-correction, atmosphere and some camera shake to help pull off the effect.

The thing that I had to spend the most time on was the muzzle flashes. There were SO many shots that I had to do that had this effect, so I had to come up with a work flow that would speed things up. I started by hand-painting some very basic flash shapes. The applied various glows to get a “hot flash” look to it. I then finished them off with some glows created with Genarts Sapphire plug-ins. These glows could have been easily created using Shake’s standard tools, but I went with them because Genarts renders VERY fast, with great quality. Then I created a warp that always changed so when the blast went off, no two flames were ever the same.

This was a HUGE timesaver. Shake’s expressions also played a big role in those little shots too. I basically created one node that controlled the brightness of the flash, while also controlling the haze, dust, warp and camera shake. This saved me from have to animate 20 different nodes while making sure that all of their keys matched up too.

Hope that answers your question ; )

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