Freelancing usually involv


Freelancing usually involves working for a production company owned by someone else on a job to job basis. If you shot two weddings on your own and what you termed a “interview shoot” and invoiced that client directly you are for all intents and purposes acting as a production company, albiet one with only one employee.

I work a day job in video and take on side projects under my company name. Obviously it’s a part-time situation where I do work in my “off-hours”, weekends, etc. but I do it under the banner of Mecca Video Productions. My documentaries are produced under that banner as well as my voice-over work. Just makes it easier. Business cards, car magnets, checking account, all carry the same banner.

As a sole proprietor there really isn’t much in the way of paperwork other than letters of agreement with clients and invoices. I keep track of expenditures, mileage, income and at the end of the year turn it all over to my accountant who takes care of my personal and business taxes.

and Earl’s last paragraph is GOLDEN.

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