Fred, I have an 1,800 watt



I have an 1,800 watt NRG system that was affordable and has lasted me many years. It has solid light stands (but NOT mega heavy duty) that are study, one if a focused (flood to spot) and one has barn doors. I used these extensively with toughspun diffusion clothespinned in front of them to soften the light. But they do draw the power and aren’t that great for quick setup/breakdown at small gigs.

So, Jay Michael Log (AspyRider and JML Multimedia) a participant here and good friend (yes he’s a VST associate) recommended this very affordable light rig. The stands are almost laughable (too short and wimpy) but the system is GREAT for quick setup/breakdown at video gigs (interviews, for example) with two lamps, two stands, two umbrellas, and not so hungry for juice. They work excellently for close work.

Check them out here. Jay and I both use them and give them a thumbs up.

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