franky92 Wrote:a filter fo


franky92 Wrote:

a filter for Day-for-Night,etc…

Lots of options here. I’m not familiar with your model of camera but if it has manual white balance control, set the white balance to something orange or yellow. This causes a blue, kind of night-time tint. You may also want to close the iris a bit to make it a bit darker. There’s a better description of this technique in this thread:

I tried it, and actually went outside a few days back to give it a test run. It worked wonderfully. I was in a fairly dense forest. The only issue was when the sun light came through the trees and created white patches on the ground, but that was workable. It’s certainly a more cost effective option than buying a DFN filter. I’ve seen them priced for well over $200.

You can also do it in post (Vegas is great from what I’ve heard; I use Final Cut myself). The advantage to that is that your original footage looks "normal", in contrast to the above where the footage actually has the blue tint directly on it. On the downside it can take awhile to adjust the color and brightness to look believable.

Another thought for your lens softening issue. If you’re doing a stationary shot you could try using a c-clamp on some kind of stand or extra tripod positioned right in front of the camera to hold the filter in place. Getting some gels might work too using that method.

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