Franko: I have a Macbook P

Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez


I have a Macbook Pro with 4 GB of RAM and I can run Premiere and After Effect without any mayor problems. In Premiere when you add color correction and among other effects the playback speed slow down a bit, but it works well. In After Effect is the same thing, the effects previews take some time to see it real time, but again you can work with it smoothly. I like the Macbook Pro a lot and the only problem is that it only have two USB ports and sometimes with some pendrives you cannot connect two USB devices at the same time because the pendrive takes too much space. This can be resolve using a USB cable extension. Two USB ports can be troublesome depending of what video production you are working, but there are many accessories that you can add up to the Macbook Pro to improve it and the OS rarely freezes. In general you will need a lot of hardrive memory and if its in your budget buy one with lots of it. I love to editing in the Macbook Pro and I have Windows on Boothcamp (it works horrible). I haven’t had any regrets with the Macbook Pro.

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