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 franko, what composite1 describes, the business side of Video isn’t part of the usual course of study. Perhaps some business/enterprise courses should be required for any course of study which will end in a business environment. If you research the business of video on this site you will find many threads about pricing, marketing, etc. I remember a thread on the very subject you mentioned- real estate videos. Posters with real life experience in this left some excellent comments. As far as marketing video, we are lucky to have a contributer, EarlC, who has given all of us some sage advice on this aspect. This is a great place to find information about all phases of this industry.

My advice for you would be similar to composite1’s build up a video resume to show to any prospective client. Showing a wide variety of your work, real estate, weddings, birthday parties, sports events, memorials, etc. will showcase your talent and expertise. Shoot, shoot, shoot. Get lots of practice, shoot lots of different projects (paying or not) and as you develop your highlight reel, your confidence in your abilities will blossom.This confidence helps you market yourself, getting jobs and the pay rate that’s appropriate. Keep shooting.

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