Four things that cau


 Four things that caught my eye and may cause you problems down the road.

1)  i7 with graphics support (processor with on-board graphics?)

2)  ATI spec’ed crossfire motherboard (Crossfire is an ATI dual video card spec format. Not sure it will play nice with the nVidia board)

3)  nVidia graphics card (by itself is fine, with the other issues above may cause you some compatibility headaches)

4)  Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit

The three different graphics support give me concern with compatibility issues for you at some point. I would avoid this mix myself.

I would upgrade Win7 to Pro 64 bit. If it is in the budget, add another hard-drive. Use the 1TB for your editing files and run your OS and programs on a smaller (500GB?) drive. This will break up the drive access between programs and active files for better editing experience.

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